Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

info 1.09 / calendar_today 31, May, 2020

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Rockstar has done a phenomenal job with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The game transcends what most open-world games achieve and builds on the already fantastic Grand Theft formula and perfects it.

Similar to most open-world games, you are free to roam the City of Los Santos in GTA Vice City at your own peril. The story mode consists of three viewpoint characters each of which has a different personality and ability. Completing the main campaign is an absolute blast.

Most of the missions have their own distinct touch to them, and Rockstar gives players the ability to choose how they want to go about completing them. Do you want to rob the bank covertly or do you want to go in guns blazing?

The missions are very enjoyable, and some require you to achieve crazy feats. For instance, in one mission you are required to hijack a plane mid-air by boarding it through another plane. After that, you are required to sink the plane into the sea while escaping through a parachute. Absolutely exhilarating.

GTA Vice City has a bunch of crazy missions that will keep you entertained for hours on end.